As the mediation market continues to look for ways to improve outcomes, an alternative approach to resolving business disputes is being launched.

Quanta Mediation, created by city entrepreneur Alan Greenberg, asserts that Business Brains can be more important than Legal Minds in reaching settlement. Combining 25 years private equity and business experience with the proven track record of established mediator and QC Lawrence Kershen, Quanta offers a more holistic approach to a mediation market that is traditionally dominated by the legal profession.

‘’ There are an estimated 3000 accredited mediators of which around 150 generate sufficient work to operate full time. The vast majority are lawyers who may be excellent at what they do, but how do they relate to the mindset behind business decision making when they haven’t been there themselves?” says Mr Greenberg. “When a dispute is underpinned by a series of complex business issues, lawyers need business and financial experience to help unpick them. ”

“Complex business disputes benefit from addressing both legal rights and commercial realities.” says Lawrence Kershen. "Offering a process that combines financial acumen and forensic expertise can be key to unlocking apparently intractable disputes."

Having invested in and managed over 30 businesses across the industry spectrum Mr Greenberg, a CEDR accredited mediator, has resolved disputes involving customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and investors. His experience allows him to empathise with principals and delve deeper into the issues behind the mediation. Combined with Lawrence’s 23 year track record mediating financial and other business disputes, the team offers a unique service focusing on resolving disputes in the investment, property and insolvency markets.

For further information call to speak to Alan or Lawrence on 0207 408 5000 or email