Competitive Frequent Travelers Will Love TourRadar’s Quirky Mobile App

 The Online Travel Service TourRadar Launches ‘been2’, A New App For Travelers To Brag About The Countries They’ve Visited And Challenge Friends

 VIENNA, Austria October 21, 2014 - TourRadar, the web and mobile platform for group travel, is expanding its horizons in the mobile app world by launching ‘been2’.  The simple and fun travel app is geared towards curious travelers who who want to find out how many countries they have been to and then brag about it to their Facebook friends.

 Many travelers keep a private, conscious count of the number of countries they have been2, however many have not taken the time to tally up their list. The app is not only a great way to rank yourself against friends and family, but also a way to be inspired and dream about how and when you could be crossing the next countries off your list.  

 been2’s interface is easy to use, simply scroll down the list of flags, tap once and the flag is immediately crossed off of your list. The app keeps track of the countries you’ve visited and then assigns you a title such as Curious, Newbie, Expert, and World Explorer. Remember, layovers in airports do not count. You have to have exited the airport in order to cross the country off your list!

 Once you are assigned a title, you have the option to share your results on Facebook. This option posts the traveler’s status on their Facebook wall, informing friends how many countries they’ve traveled to and invites their friends to download the app and cross countries off of their own list.

 Cleverly planted in the app, you’ll also find a few quirky hidden surprises - a nifty treat for the eagle eyed players!

 “We’ve seen airline staff, cruise-ship crew and tour guides lead the rankings to date, many of whom have visited over 100 countries.  The app wasn’t created to revolutionize travel… it’s just a fun way for friends and co-workers to compete around society’s number one leisure pastime - Travel.” says Travis Pittman, TourRadar’s CEO.

 been2 is a free app available from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.  

Screenshots of been2 can be downloaded from

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